5 Year Anniversary | Northwest Arkansas Photography Studio

We’ve been in business for 10 years and today marks 5 of those years being in our studio space. When we moved in, we were simply looking for a little more room to shoot, a place to have an office, a meeting place that wasn't a coffee shop and most of all, a space that was separated from the house. Over the years however, our studio space has become so much more. It is (as our website describes), "A smallish, squarish room, with seemingly endless creative potential." Sure, the space is practical, functional and reasonable. But it's also inspirational. And in 5 years time, we've utilized it in ways we knew we would and ways we never thought we would. As a result, this space has become our think tank for dreaming up ideas, learning techniques, solving problems and pushing the limits of our creativity and business practices. In short, it's become our home. 

I get reflective with anniversaries. And this one is no different. Being a creative person is a complicated thing because as most people know, creative people are always thinking about creative stuff. You can't just "shut it off". Being a creative person while also balancing the responsibilities and demands of running a business is even more complicated. But it sure does help when you have so many people that believe in what you do, that follow you and support you and that entrust you to work with them on a regular basis. These years 5 in the studio and 10 years of creating wouldn't have been possible without you, so thanks. 

As part of our celebration, we're highlighting some of our favorite things about the studio space over the past 5 years. And as you may or may not have noticed, we've also completely updated and redesigned our website complete with new work, updated information and of course, an updated virtual tour of our studio space. Again, thank you all for your love and support. 



5 Favorite Items in our Refrigerators

• Bottled Water
• Greek Yogurt (Black Cherry & Raspberry)
• Honey Maple Turkey
• The Rail Pizza leftovers
• Ozark Beer Company Growler





5 Favorite Old Cameras in our collection:

• Voigtlander Superb - It works!
• Mamiya 645 - It works!
• Polaroid SX70 - It works!
• Sawyers Stereo - It doesn't work but it looks pretty!
• Graphic View - This one sits in our window on an old tripod.
   His name is "Earl".





5 Favorite Decorative Items in the studio

• Wooden Wall (built with reclaimed wood from an old building in downtown)
• Metal sign of our logo (provided by Fitz Fabrications)
• Flat Screen Television - Sits in our window and plays a continuous slideshow of our favorite images
• AFTE Art - AFTE (Art From The Everyday) is a fine art non-profit organization that we are currently working on. We've got a few images hanging up in the studio already. More to come.
• Vintage Chairs



5 Favorite Magazines/Books at the studio we peruse regularly:

• Annie Leibovitz: American Music
• Kinfolk Magazine
• The Polaroid Book
• The Elements of Typographic Style
• Camera: A History of Photography





5 places near our studio worth visiting

• Lake Atalanta Mountain Bike Trails
• Trolley Line Bookshop
• The Rusty Chair
• The Parkside Public
• Edwards Optical





5 things we wish our studio had. 

• A full sized Coffee Bar. 
• A view of New York City
• A view of the Colorado Mountains
• An underground parking space
• A Dark Room






Happy 5 Year Anniversary!

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