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Thanks so much to Max and Lydia for having us at their beautiful wedding this past weekend. I've had the privilege of getting to know these two over the past few years. They are genuinely kind, thoughtful, active in their community and passionate about each other. On their wedding day, Max sent Lydia flowers and he made sure that she received them BEFORE she put on her make up because he knew she would cry. I find that to be a thoughtful and heartfelt gesture that shows he knows her and genuinely cares about her. As a wedding photographer, you are always learning from your experiences at weddings. Many of those experiences result in technical lessons about camera gear, lighting, and time management. But the greatest lessons come from couples like Max and Lydia. These lessons have nothing to do with camera equipment but they have everything to do with true love and what it looks like in real life. Congratulations you two. 

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