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In my many years of running a business, I've made mistakes. And perhaps one of the greatest mistakes I've made was in thinking a Keurig Coffee machine could handle the mundane task of making coffee for myself and for my clients and customers longterm. After a mere 3 months of owning and operating one of the newer Keurig 2.0 machines, I found myself on the phone with customer service wondering why my mint condition machine would only brew me a few drips of grainy, oily water. I was told that the problem was a "design flaw" with the needle that punctures the pod when the lid is closed. Apparently, many people had called with the same dilemma. I was told to grab a paper clip, straighten it out and proceed to insert the paper clip into the hollow needle in order to unclog it and to cleaning it out. I was also told to be careful because the needle was sharp and if I wasn't careful, the needle would puncture my hand. So after cleaning out my machine carefully, I promptly listed it on Craigslist and sold it. Now, what do I do about my coffee? 

Say hello to Open Door Traders, purveyors of fine carpentry and tasteful design. You can shop and order online and you can choose from their hand crafted products ranging from large custom wood furniture pieces to smaller wares such as wooden iPhone and iPad stands, small desk organizers and decorative trays. But what quickly caught my eye was their coffee pour over station. And since my recently deceased Keurig had left a rather large vacancy on my studio table, I opted to go old school with my coffee making. So I purchased a hot water pot, a coffee grinder and the Double Pour Over Station from Open Door Traders. In about a week, my product arrived and I've been using it ever since. 

If you happen to be in the market for a quality method of making coffee, I would highly recommend this product. Setup, execution and cleanup are all easy and while you don't have to do much to beat a Keurig on taste, the coffee brewed using this method does taste incredible. And as an added bonus, there is absolutely nothing about this product that will puncture your hand. For more information, visit

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