The Bosco Farewell

It was a rough week last week as I said goodbye to my beloved Bulldog, Bosco (otherwise known as "THE Bosco"). For the last 6+ years, he's been a staple in the house (and sometimes, the studio). His loyalty, his loving demeanor and his commitment to snoring as loudly as he could has greatly enriched my life. If I've learned anything about him over the years, it's that he is a people dog, through and through. The last few years with more work, growing kids and most recently, an involuntary kitchen remodel have made life extremely crazy and as a result, I began to realize that my beloved bulldog was not getting the attention he needed or deserved.

I mentioned my dilemma to his groomer and as it turned out, her sister-in-law (who also happens to be a former vet tech), was looking for a bulldog. Their bulldog had passed away some time ago and re-homing him there seemed like the perfect scenario to give him a more engaging and less-crazy life, something I sincerely wanted for him. And so last Monday, Bosco officially made the transition from our home, to a home in Texas where it is reported that he has been spending his time sprawled out on the living room carpet and playing tug-of-war with his new family. I don't think the reality of the situation hit me until a few days before he was supposed to leave and of course, I second guessed myself on whether or not to go through with it. But in the end, I knew that if I really loved him, I needed to let him go. 

After he left, I spent the better part of a day compiling and backing up my images of him over the years and today, I'm sharing a few on the blog. I'm grateful for the years that I had with him and I'm confident that he will give his new family many great memories, experiences and slobber swipes for years to come. Cheers to The Bosco. 

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