10 Year Anniversary | Northwest Arkansas Photography

You know you're in the thick of a busy season when you just so happen to click on a professional social network only to find that numerous people have congratulated you on your work anniversary. Such was the case with me this week and upon further investigation, I realized that it was in fact my 10 year anniversary at ( or more accurately, as) Novo Studio. 

Had I realized this sooner, I would've most assuredly been tempted to turn this into a big production, digging deep into the archives, searching for top 10 images or trying to brandish bits of wisdom and insight from my years as a small business. In truth, I can't sum up years worth of successes and failures (yes, I've had plenty of both) in images. I also cannot do it in words. The only thing I can really do is to continue to count my blessings, learn from my mistakes and say a heartfelt and sincere thank you to everyone who over the years, has allowed me to own and operate Novo Studio. 

Cheers Everyone. 

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