I'm Philip. 

And I am Novo Studio. 

The name might imply otherwise, but it's just me. The name Novo Studio might imply that there's a large group of people making this business run but in fact, it's just me. I chose the name because the word "Novo" literally means to revive, refresh, change, alter or invent. As a creative person running a creative company, I firmly believe that it's a name to aspire to and that's ultimately why I chose it. 

In college, I was a Graphic Design major. My background in photography began when a disgruntled graphic design professor told to me one day, that "I'd never make it as a graphic designer because I couldn't draw well enough." My response was to dive into photography, thinking that honing an ability to create images with a camera would balance out my lack of ability to create them with my hand. Of course, diving into photography at a school where there were no photography majors meant that I had to sort of learn everything on my own. I began shooting film and building my design projects around photography. I worked for the school newspaper photographing around campus. My first job out of college as a graphic designer introduced me to product photography as well as blogging. 

Eventually, I got burned out with my corporate graphic design job and in 2006, with the encouragement and support of my wife, I decided to try and start my own design and photography business. I started out in the world of wedding and portrait photography. I still photograph a limited number of weddings a year but my main focus is Commercial photography. I love the variety that Commercial Photography affords me. I could be in the kitchen photographing a chef, in the great outdoors photographing a mountain biker or in the studio photographing a product or person. I currently live and work in the vibrant and community-friendly downtown area of Rogers Arkansas and I am truly thankful to call this place home.