Wedding & Engagement Photography: Basic Information


Typically Atypical. 

When it comes to Wedding and Engagement Photography, the best way for me to explain myself as a photographer is to have you look at the above photo. I like it because it has a subtle, yet sarcastic and ironic personality to it. 

Of course not all of my photographers have dinosaurs, or couples wearing their sunglasses staring off into the distant future with little to no smile. There's plenty of laughter, smiles and love displayed on my site as well. But when it comes to my approach and my style, I am very atypical. And I like to get that out of the way up front. I consider myself photographic style a healthy mix of candid fun, photojournalism, fine art, and sassy attitude. 

My background in photography began when a disgruntled graphic design professor announced to me one day, that "I'd never make it as a graphic designer because I couldn't draw well enough." My response was to dive into photography, thinking that honing an ability to create images with a camera would balance out my lack of ability to create them with my hand. Of course, diving into photography at a school where there were no photography majors meant that I had to sort of learn as I go. I began shooting film and building my design projects around photography. I worked for the school newspaper photographing around campus. When I finally did get a graphic design job out of college, I was introduced to product photography.