Wedding & Engagement Photography: The Basics


When it comes to Wedding and Engagement Photography, the best way for me to explain myself as a photographer is to have you look at the above photo. I think it's funny, quirky and cool and if you do too, then chances are we'll get along great. 

Of course not all of my photographers have dinosaurs, or couples wearing their sunglasses staring off into the distant future with little to no smile. There's plenty of laughter, smiles and love displayed on the site as well. After more than 10 years of photographing weddings, I still enjoy it because of the people I get to meet and to work with. Most become good friends. Some, great friends. And one couple has even become my across-the-street neighbors. My "style" is a mix of the aforementioned quirkiness, combined with relaxed, artistic and personal photography. Most of the time, I am behind the scenes, photographing things that catch my eye and moments as they happen. Due to my work as a Commercial Photographer, I only photograph 10 to 12 weddings per year. This allows me to stay creative as a photographer and it also allows me to focus more on the wedding clients I work with. 

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