The Novomobile

The Novomobile is the official vehicle of Novo Studio.

Vehicle History: The first Novomobile was a 2005 Honda Element with enough space to haul photo gear and clients comfortably and simultaneously. I don't know what type of engine it had but it got decent gas mileage until I outfitted it with mud tires. And even after that, it wasn't all that bad. In 2017, the Honda Element was retired from it's duties as The Novomobile and a 2014 Toyota Tacoma took over as The Novomobile 2.0. Since Toyota Tacoma trucks are often called "Tacos", I've nicknamed The Novomobile 2.0 #thenovotaco. 

Make: Toyota
Model: Tacoma 4x4
Year: 2014
Color: Silver/White
License Plate: Supports Arkansas Parks Dept because Arkansas State Parks often serve as my secondary office.
Cargo: Clients, Mtn Bike, Bike Pump, 5ft Reflector, Bugspray, Extra Shoes, Extra Clothes, Kids, and there's lots of room for etc. 
Specialty Cargo: Camera Bags, Studio Lighting, Backdrops, Luggage, Guitar, Kayak, Yeti Cooler
Follow Along: The Novomobile has its own Facebook page or you can search your social media channels for the hashtag #novotaco.

A Tribute to the Original Novomobile

A Tribute to the Original Novomobile.