Welcome to Novo Studio

Who we are:
We define ourselves as a "Graphic Design & Photography Studio". And for the past 6 years, that's exactly what we've spent our time doing. After that, our business and services are loosely defined. When it comes to our clients, we approach projects with a creative eye, an intentional plan and hands-on customer service. We've worked on everything from a website for a construction company, to photographing someone's personal fine art creation. We specialize in logo design, print media and simple websites for small businesses. We love projects where we can unite our design and photography mediums together but often times, it's one or the other. As for photography, we started out by shooting mostly portraits and weddings. We still do those but in recent years, our commercial photography has really taken on a life of its own. After traveling to Africa multiple times to shoot for a non-profit, we're becoming more excited about working with non-profits both locally and abroad. Ideal clients for us are clients that have a strong message to communicate or an impactful story to tell. 

Our Vision:

We believe that vision should drive everything. Our vision is to always be growing, adapting, and improving as a business. We thrive on creating relationships with our customers and clients. After all, we're not just creating pictures or graphics for them; we're investing in their lives. Our end goal is to give our customers and clients a unique, heartfelt and personal experience along with the most creative, functional and memorable products we possibly can. 

Our Name:
Novo is the latin word for "new" and we are named as such because we are always pushing the limits of our own imaginations, our own creative processes and in the process, producing unique images, designs and experiences for our clients.

The Details:
We believe in a hands-on approach to our work. All client interactions are handled personally with the owner. We love collaboration; our clients have ideas and those ideas often inspire us in our creative approach. Being flexible, accommodating, intentional, and personable go a long way in our line of work. After all, if you're creative but you're difficult to work with, no one will want to work with you anyway...at least not twice. It's the people we work with that give us the opportunity to do what we love. Rest assured we're going to make it worth their while and then some. 

We hate talking about money.
Everyone's on a budget these days. And when it comes to money, we try and be as up front and as honest as we can. We're not here to get rich, just to make a living and a life doing what we love. Our clients range from Non-Profits, to starving artists, to large and small commercial clients to people in various stages of life. We offer discounted rates for non-profits, a variety of photography and design packages for weddings, portraits and music artists and competitive rates for commercial clients. We always consult with potential clients to get a feel for what they need and how we could best serve them. Please feel free to email or call if you'd like to chat.


We don't typically check our free listing on Wedding Wire but apparently, we've gotten a few reviews on there. We very much appreciate kind words, whether they're spoken in conversation or shared on the internet. 

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