The Novomobile is the first and only official commercial vehicle of Novo Studio. The Novomobile is a 2005 Honda Element with enough space to haul photo gear and clients comfortably and simultaneously. We don't know what type of engine it has but it gets great gas mileage and yet, it's got enough gusto to get us where we need to be on time, and oftentimes, way early. It's loaded with awesome features like power windows, power locks, satellite radio, waterproof (and bulldog proof) interior, and a sunroof. In our humble opinion, it's pretty much the awesomest thing on 4 wheels. 

Make: Honda
Model: Element
Year: 2005 (but it never gets old)
Color: Black
License Plate: NOVO
Consistent Cargo: Clients, Mtn Bike, Bike Pump, Pennies, 5ft Reflector, Bugspray, Extra Shoes
Specialty Cargo: Camera Bags, Studio Lighting, Backdrops, Luggage, Guitar, Kayak, Drumset, Bulldog
Random Facts:
• The Novomobile once hauled 25 pieces of 10ft pipe for a water line.
• After a road trip, someone emailed us through our website to comment on our work because they had "seen our car".
• The Novomobile has its own Facebook page and Twitter account. 
• One time, I had a dream that I turned the Novomobile into an amphibious landing craft.