Help Portrait 2012 | Northwest Arkansas Nonprofit Photography


Every year for the past 3 years, we've participated in Help Portrait. What started out as a simple idea of giving pictures to people in need has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon. In the state of Arkansas alone, there were at least 3 Help Portrait initiatives, not to mention all 50 states and at last count, 35 different countries. The numbers are astounding, considering the whole idea was launched on Twitter by a single photographer. It's easy to look at the numbers and identify the success of this event. But the real beauty of Help Portrait is in the details. 

For photographers, Help Portrait is a reality check. In my own experience, it's been an eye opening testimony to the true power of an image. And for the people that participate, it's also a reality check. For some, they see their whole family smiling together in a photograph for the very first time. Single mothers see their little ones captured forever. If it weren't for Help Portrait, they may never have had that memory preserved. Help Portrait is also a chance for photographers to serve alongside each other. In our uniquely competitive market, it's a great way to break down the walls of perceived tension and really come together around something bigger than ourselves and our businesses. All in all, Help Portrait has been and continues to be one of those days where you're physically and emotionally exhausted afterwards. But as you sit down and reflect on the day, sharing stories and remembering the moments that really made you feel, you realize that you should probably go ahead and block out this date for next year.