Long Overdue

Well well well, if it isn't a new Novo Studio website. Thanks for stopping by. In the age of technology, it's sometimes frustrating to manage all sorts of social media outlets, blogs, posts, tags, hashtags, keywords and yada yada yada's. And while our former site was great for showing off work, our blog was less than ideal and for the last few months, non-functional. After a busy summer season and right before jumping into the fall, we decided that an overhaul was in order. So here you go....a new website with a WORKING blog. We've added lots of other stuff too. You'll notice new pages for studio information, a gear list and a studio tour. We've also given the Novomobile it's own page. Since updating our old site was like pulling teeth (ouch), we also took the liberty of sifting through some of our favorite projects and updating our portfolio. Those of you viewing this blog post from your phone or tablet will notice that our new site reads very well across multiple devices and platforms. We can even post on-the-go or behind-the-scenes photos and quick blog posts via the iPhone or iPad. And of course, all of our social networks are viewable and clickable right from our site. All in all, it's good to back :)