We <3 | A blog post about some of the things we LOVE.


Local Eats

We're huge supporters of local eats and in downtown Rogers, there's no shortage of unique dining experiences. From new pizza joints, to timeless diners, there's always something to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A few of our favorites are The Rail, Iron Horse, Bread & Butter Bakery, Kirby's Kupcakes, Rolando's, Meridienne, Maggie's Hotdogs and Wesner's Grill. All of these places are within walking distance from our studio and around lunch time, nothing beats a nice walk.

Apple Products

As it is with most creative companies, Apple products play a huge part in running our business. And since we love Apple so much, decided to create a gallery of all the apple logos we could find in the studio. 

For more Apple logos, click here. 

(product) Red

We love brands that in turn support causes larger than themselves. Brands such as Apple, Converse, Gap, and many others partner with (RED), an organization focused on fighting AIDS in Africa. These brands participate by creating products that are (guess what) RED in color. They then sell these products under the label (product) RED and give up to 50% of the profits to help in the fight against AIDS in Africa. For more information visit their website. 


There's always music playing in our studio. Walk in at any given time and you might hear quiet, relaxing music, not-so-quiet and relaxing music and quite literally, everything in between. Pictured below are a few of our favorite albums and artists. Click the image to enlarge and then, click on the iTunes link to listen. 

This Tree

For the last 3 years, this tree has been a part of the daily commute to and from the studio. This tree has been photographed against a number of different skies, in inclement weather, in perfect weather and at various times of the day and dusk. There's just something about it that draws attention and over the years, it's earned a special place in our hearts and a lot of space on our hard drives. 

The Great Outdoors

Whether it's Mtn Biking, Kayaking, Hiking, or just "being"...we LOVE the great outdoors. We're thankful to be located in such a beautiful area with so many opportunities to enjoy being outside. When weather permits and even sometimes when it does't, nothing refreshes and re-inspires like taking some time to enjoy go out and play. 

The Novomobile

We like to think our 2005 Honda Element (aka The Novomobile) has a life and personality all its own. It does have its own Facebook page and Twitter account and sometimes, you can read random traffic updates and see behind-the-scenes photos from all of our runabout adventures. But honestly, this car is one of the best vehicles for working photographers and avid outdoorsy adventurers. That's why we love it.

Antique Cameras

Even though technology has completely changed the tools of the trade for photographers, there's just something timeless about antique cameras. Our studio is filled with a collection of these cameras and everyday, it's always a warm welcome to walk in and see them all sitting there. Some of them still work and of course we use them from time to time. Others are content to just "hang out" inevitably. 

and last but certainly not least......


In this day and age, small business is tough. It takes passion and guts to press on through the thick and the thin. We are very blessed to have as much support and encouragement as we do. After 7 years as a successful small business, we have resigned ourselves to the fact that our continued success lies in focusing on what we are most passionate about...telling stories through creative mediums and allowing ourselves to be shaped, professionally and personally in the process. And we most certainly couldn't do that without you. So thanks.