Dan & Stephany | Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photography


At first, we weren't particularly excited about creating images in the rain. There's always that sense of dread. The couple are wearing nice clothes, the photographer's using nice equipment and the overall mood is just gray and dull. But Dan and Stephany are adventurous and so am I. So we checked the radar and plotted a course that would hopefully get us through and onto the other side of the storm system that had somehow developed in the last hour. On the way to our shooting locations, we chatted and got to know each other better. We had to talk loud because it was raining so hard. And when we arrived at our location, it was still pouring so we decided to shoot anyway. 

Once you realize that your new camera won't be deterred by "a lot" of water, it's very easy to get lost in creating images. As it turned out, the rain left soon thereafter and the sun even peeked through at times. And Dan and Stephany and I had a great time exploring the area, chatting and celebrating their upcoming September wedding. As with many situations in life, inconveniences and plan b's and even sticking to plan a's in the midst of thunderstorms can in fact be a refreshing and beautiful thing.