Josh & Kelsey | Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography


Today, we're excited to share a few of our favorite images from the recent wedding of two of our dear friends. We were first introduced to Josh and Kelsey by the couple that first introduced them to each other. We met for the first time in our studio and approximately 5 minutes after they arrived, a guy with power tools started making lots of noise next door and we had to relocate to a park just so we could hear each other talk. Over the past year, we've gotten to know these two pretty well. Last July, we traveled to Celina, Texas (where Kelsey is proudly from) for their engagement photos. We spent the weekend seeing the sights of the town and the countryside and we thoroughly enjoyed hanging out and with their family, who also happens to be awesome. Their wedding day was a joyous celebration filled with family and friends, many of whom traveled for the occasion. And of course Kelsey looked beautiful in her dress. Josh confessed that his eyes were a little "watery" when he laid eyes on her.  Our sincerest congratulations to these two on a beautiful day and the start of a beautiful journey together.