Europe Pt. 1 // London, UK


On the return trip from Africa, Kristen and I arranged to have a little layover in Europe....5 days, to be exact. Since we were flying through London, we started out there, leaving a majority of our luggage at the airport and setting off through the city with a few clothes and our cameras. We navigated ourselves around via the London Underground and spent two days relaxing and exploring the city. We took in an art museum, we rode the infamous London Eye and we ate some of the best pizza of my life, followed closely by the best dessert I've ever had in my life. 

From the get go, we had an agenda....a "no pressure", "whatever we felt like doing", relaxed vacation. If we wanted to just sit and sip espressos and listen to british accents, then by golly we were going to do just that. We talked about our Africa experiences and how it would shape our lives going forward. We walked a lot. We ate an english breakfast for lunch. We walked some more. We played Scrabble at a local pub. Kristen won...but not by much. And yes, we used our cameras a lot too. I of course never went anywhere without my beloved Fuji x100s and Kristen fell in love with her new Fuji x20. Our time in London was somewhat short but very, very sweet. Two days later, we made our way to the rail station and boarded a high speed train bound for Paris France. More photos to come. 

Happy Weekend.