Europe Pt. 2 // Paris, France


They call Paris the "City of Light". Some people call it "The City of Love". But I would simply call it "The City of Awesome". We had the same game plan in Paris as we did in London....a "no agenda", whatever we felt like doing vacation. We didn't go to the Lourve. We saw it on a subway map though....and on postcards. We went to the Eiffel Tower three times, once to just see it, once to eat a picnic lunch in front of it and, once at night to see it light up. (magical) The Paris Metro was easy enough to navigate and according to the subway map, there was very little of the city we didn't visit. 

Having been to Paris before but without a decent camera, I was excited to return with one...and also, with my wife who had never even been across the ocean. Paris was very much as I remembered it and yet, it still took my breath away. The architecture is ancient and stunning. The atmosphere (for the most part) is laid back much less hurried than what I'm used to. And in spite of what I’ve always heard about the French, they are friendly, if not chatty and down-to-earth. We spent our time walking the streets, studying the terrain and soaking up the culture. We ate at cafes or bought bread and cheese from a nearby market. And of course, we made images with our cameras. Here’s a few of my favorites.

Have a great weekend everyone.