Dan & Stephany | Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography


In the previous post, I talked about this being a weekend of "firsts". Another first happened on Sunday's wedding and again, it was during the ceremony. Along with communion, Dan and Stephany had arranged to have a foot washing ceremony. Sure enough, two chairs were arranged at the front of the chapel facing each other. Along with the chairs, there were two towels. One bore the letter D and the other, S. During the ceremony, Dan and Stephany seated themselves in the chairs and then, proceeded to take turns getting down on one knee and washing each other's feet. It was a beautiful display of starting off their journey together by serving each other. Much like their engagement session, their wedding day also involved some rain and along with it, cooler temperatures and a quiet "hush" over the woods surrounding the iconic Cooper Chapel. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend for Dan & Stephany and for Amanda and Cory and for us as well. We certainly hope it was for you too.