Ian & Megan | Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography

Last weekend's wedding was a delightful mix of British and American colors, traditions and accents. We were super excited to be a part of Ian and Megan's celebration and they did in fact, have a lot to celebrate. During the week, their family and friends began to arrive and they came from literally all over the world coming to celebrate. Ian's uncle also came, bringing along his bagpipes and traditional attire. Ian's uncle is somewhat of a legend in the UK, playing for various royalty and occasions and even the Queen. His charming personality and quick wit were evident when I remarked to him that "I guessed he wasn't from around here."

This was also the first wedding where we knew we had "The Thomas Twins" along for the ride. And according to Kristen, they joined in the celebration by kicking frequently and even doing a couple of somersaults. From all four of us here at Novo Studio, we offer our sincerest congratulations and well-wishes to Ian and Megan. Here's a few images from their beautiful day.