Kristen Thomas (aka Novo Girl) | Arkansas Maternity Photography

Say hello to Kristen Thomas. Many of you know her beautiful face from weddings over the years, where she would help photograph and also assist me. And if you’ve spent any time at all with her, you also know her sweet spirit, her contagious laugh and her absolute love for children. It’s probably good that she loves kids so much because she’s got two of them.

If you’ve been following our story at all, you know that last weekend, I rushed her to the hospital in the middle of the night because her water had broken prematurely. Right now, she’s on permanent bed rest until the twins get here. I’m so thankful we took a day last week to venture out into the great Arkansas outdoors and create some maternity photographs of her. She was a trooper the whole time and often ventured around against my wishes (typical).

Here are a few images from our treasured time together. Thank you again for all the love, the prayers and the support you have shown the two of us and our two kiddos. Pretty soon, they’ll be here!