June 2014 Update | What a week

To say that the last week has been crazy would be a drastic understatement. And yet, here we are with both babies still intact and growing in their womb. This past week, we managed to fit in a high speed, middle-of-the-night drive to a hospital far from home (complete with police involvement), lots of medication, a few different hotel stays, a couple of drives back home for clothes, a variety of carryout meals from local restaurants, Lamaze Classes via YouTube, a car wreck (again, with police involvement)(Yes, I’m ok and no, it wasn’t The Novomobile), and our last two weddings before we had planned on taking a bit of a break to prepare for the kiddos. 

Now, we’re trying to settle into a routine of normality here in our new home away from home, Fort Smith, Arkansas. Thanks to a wedding client who works in the hotel business and was able to get us a ridiculously low rate on a room, I’m setup to sleep and work in a quiet environment. (The hospital cot did a number on my back) And from the hotel, I can see the hospital where my wife and kiddos happily reside with friendly nurses, doctors, a fair amount of reading materials, and a Netflix Subscription. 

We have no idea how long we’ll have to live in limbo. Given the week that we’ve had, nothing would surprise me. I do have a few work obligations that will bring me back to Northwest Arkansas in the coming days and weeks but for the most part, I’m here with my family, working away on my computer and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the most anticipated gift I will ever receive. We are so grateful for your thoughts, your prayers, your good vibes and well wishes. It is a miraculous thing to have so many people offer to share in and help out in our adventure and we hope and pray that we will be able to do the same for you all along the way. 

Thanks again and we’ll continue to keep you updated.