The New School of Art | University of Arkansas | Northwest Arkansas Commercial Photography

I've had the honor and privilege of working with the University of Arkansas Art Department for a few years now. But it was only this week that I learned just how some of the images I've created for them over those past few years have been used.

Yesterday, it was publicly announced that the University had received an unprecedented gift from the Walton Family Foundation; $120 million to establish a School of Art. This is truly unprecedented, because it is the largest gift ever given to a U.S. university in support of or to establish a school of art. I am of course, blown away by this show of generosity and support for the arts, along with everyone else. And in talking with the faculty this week, I learned how my imagery played a role in helping this whole announcement come to fruition. I am proud to learn of this, and I also think it poetic that the work of a photographer/artist, documenting the process of educating and furthering creativity, was able to clearly and effectively communicate the need for a continued focus on and investment in the arts. Congratulations to the University on their new School of Art and thank you SO MUCH to The Walton Family Foundation for your generosity and belief that art is imperative.