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Change is inevitable. Sometimes, it’s quick and abrupt. And other times, you start to feel the slow pull and growing tension of the current circumstances and you start wondering what to do about it. The latter has been my experience over the last couple of years. 

Long long ago, in a cubicle far away, I sat disgruntled and creatively burned out and I knew that I needed a change. And so I dove head first (really, it was just me wildly flailing my body about) into owning and operating a business. I finally got my feet under me and began to work more intentionally at my craft and the business around it. And with repeated scenarios where I was forced to get out of my introverted comfort zone, I soon found that I had a way of making people at least a little less uncomfortable in front of the camera. 

As the years have gone by, the business has grown (many thanks for that…) and so have the responsibilities. And the last few years, have been the most rewarding and also, the most challenging. In the midst of working with amazing clients and creating work that I’m very very proud of, I’ve also felt like I’ve just been keeping my head above water with everything. My business is growing but I don’t feel like I’m growing or thriving, because I’m putting all my energy into owning and operating the business. And for me, that’s a problem.

When I started out, I chose to use the word Novo in the business name because of its meaning (to revive, refresh, change, alter or invent). And I added the word “studio” onto it because I dreamt of one day having a studio space. The studio space became a reality in 2010, almost 9 years ago. But for me, living up to the first part of the name has always been a challenge and lately, it’s been the most challenging. With all of my time being poured into owning and operating the business, I haven’t had much time or freedom to dream, to explore new technology or to push myself creatively. And in order to continue to live up to the business name while also running a sustainable business, I slowly but surely began to realize that something needed to change. 

Enter Jared Sorrells

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Years ago, I met Jared at a local bike shop. Jared was already an accomplished photographer with a unique eye for making images. We quickly struck up a conversation and a friendship over bicycles and cameras. And then, I started getting his family’s Christmas Cards; Each one, more outrageous and hilarious than the last. We started meeting up for drinks here and there. And over time and many Ozark Beers and Black Apple Ciders, we began to share our personal and professional hopes and dreams as well as tell horror stories of how we broke camera equipment on photoshoots, bad cycling crashes and other war stories from the trenches of professional photography.

At some point, I felt compelled to say that if I ever decided to work with someone, it would be someone like Jared. Or better yet, Jared! We worked together on a couple of shoots and it was then that I finally began to realize that the change I needed was someone else working with me, both to alleviate some of the day to day stress and also, to push me and challenge me creatively. And so a few weeks back, we officially decided to work together as Novo Studio. And now, we are officially telling everyone. 

Together, we will be offering Commercial Photography and Video services as well as limited availability for Wedding Photography. Moving forward, we will continue to work with our own separate clients as well as tackle larger projects together. And of course, there will also be plenty of shenanigans to share. So please join me in welcoming Jared to Novo Studio.