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José & Hannah | Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photography

It was lots of fun spending the afternoon with these two. Thankfully, our blatant trespassing went unseen and unprosecuted. You only live once. Happy Weekend y’all.

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Jesse & Cori | Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photography

Meet Jesse and Cori. Their only requests for their engagement photos were quirky, fun, a playground and some trees. After an afternoon of driving, exploring and adventuring, we managed to find "a few" trees, some questionable playground equipment and some other local oddities, which added up to loads of quirky fun. Here's a few images from our adventures together. Happy Tuesday. 

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George & Bea | Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photography

Congratulations to George and Bea on their recent engagement. During last weekend's Holi Festival in Fayetteville Arkansas, George proposed to Bea where they actually met years ago. Amidst loud dance music and colored powder flying everywhere, George got down on one knee and asked Bea to marry him. 

I was in a tricky situation, because...

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Nick & Jessica | Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photography

When your wedding clients need a few engagement photos for their save the date cards, you make quick arrangements, squish schedules and have some fun for an hour or so. That's just what Nick, Jessica and myself did earlier this year and it was a lot of fun. In the course of an hour, they rode bicycles, posed on construction equipment, sprayed a bottle of champagne and still had time to get some "lovey dovey" pictures before the sun set. Sometime soon when our schedules align once again, we'll hit the road for some more shenanigans and photographs. In the meantime, their family and friends have these lovely gems to look forward to along with their save the date cards. 

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