The New Totem Pole | Northwest Arkansas Photography


Over the past few months, we've had the privilege of working with illustrator Chrystal Seawood on a new art project she's been dreaming up. Chrystal is a super talented local artist with a passion for creating art that generates social commentary. Chrystal's new project titled "The New Totem Pole" addresses unconscious hierarchies in today's society. Through this project, Chrystal wants to bring to light a conversation concerning the stereotypes and social classes we unconsciously lump people into. She believes that this process creates a "totem pole" effect where certain people are perceived higher than others. Chrystal envisions a new "Totem Pole", where everyone stands side by side, eliminating the effect of a vertical hierarchy and promoting equality among everyone. It is our belief that photography is most inspiring when it points us to the realities of life and challenges us to be better, more loving people in the process. Here's a few of the portraits we created for Chrystal. Enjoy & Happy Friday.