—  Novo Studio is a small commercial photography and video company specializing in creative content for businesses, brands and bicycles.

The Work

—   The best part of this job (besides getting paid to be creative), is the opportunity to learn from our clients about their businesses, their passions and how their worlds work. Our work has appeared in numerous local and national campaigns, publications and marketing platforms. Below are some examples of the types of projects we are hired for. Please contact us for more information.

  • Lifestyle Photographs for brands or specific audiences

  • Editorial / Documentary Photographs for publications

  • Product Photographs companies (both in-studio and on-location)

  • Portrait Photographs for people in the workplace, music industry, etc.

  • Event Photographs for companies, organizations and publications

  • Commercial Video Projects for products, brands, lifestyles, manufacturing and interviews.

The Studio

The Photographers

philip thomas - novostudio - Arkansas photography studio.jpg

Philip Thomas

— I've been a full time professional photographer for the last 10+ years. Before that, I worked in the corporate world as a graphic designer. I took up photography in college because a graphic design professor told me I would never make it as a designer because I couldn't draw well enough. I picked up a camera and learned how to take pictures as a way to compensate for my apparent lack of illustrative ability. My interest in photography only grew after college, as I transitioned from the film to the digital format.

When I started this little company, I chose to use a business name other than my own personal name. I picked the name Novo because it means "to revive, refresh, change, alter or invent”. For me, this name is something to aspire to everyday, both in my professional and my personal life. I enjoy my work because of the variety of projects I work on and the people I work with. Like most photographers, I enjoy traveling and if I can turn a work trip into a truck camping experience, I will do so without hesitation. These days, a majority of my photography work is what you see here on this website. But I still enjoy shooting a limited number of weddings and portraits here and there. On any given day, I will exercise, either by running or riding my mountain bike on the local trails. I will almost always choose to read a book over watching television. And I prefer to read a book in close proximity to a crackling fire, either outdoors or next to my wood stove. I also enjoy thunderstorms, playing guitar, fishing, hiking, swimming, and driving.

Jared Sorrells - Novo Studio - Photographer.jpg

Jared Sorrells

(Details Coming Soon)


Commercial Clients

University of Arkansas
Fayetteville Library
Thaden School
Walmart Stores, Inc.
Clear Partnering Group
Tyson Foods, Inc.
Arkansas Arts Academy
Twin Oaks
The Twiggs Group
Crafton Tull
Visit Rogers
The Sells Agency
Lighthouse Financial
Harrington Miller Law
The Clorox Company
Habit Outdoors
Marlon Blackwell Architects



Editorial Clients

Arkansas Wild
Bike Arkansas
Arkansas Made
Susan Schadt Press
Etolia Press
Time, Inc/Meredith
Arkansas Business
Cycling Illustrated
Bike NWA
OZ Trails