Africa 2013 | ...and we're back


After 2 weeks of international work and travel in Africa and Europe, we’re back. And as always, it was an experience I'll never forget. Everyone always asks “How was Africa?” And I’ve learned that you can use words like “fine” or “amazing” or even “life-changing”. But the honest truth is, I never really can answer the question for myself. After four times traveling and working there, it is still a major sensory overload…one that I’ve yet to be able to put into accurate and justifiable words. And while I do have thousands of images, I find that even those pale in comparison to actually being hearing these kids sing and laugh, to seeing them dance and play soccer better than David Beckham. I've spent the better part of this week sifting through images, trying to figure out how to accurately communicate this trip in a blog post...with images...and with words. And after a week of trying, I'm finding it simply impossible. So I'll simply share a few of my favorites and bid you all a wonderful and restful weekend.