George & Bea | Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photography


Congratulations to George and Bea on their recent engagement. During last weekend's Holi Festival in Fayetteville Arkansas, George proposed to Bea where they actually met years ago. Amidst loud dance music and colored powder flying everywhere, George got down on one knee and asked Bea to marry him. 

I was in a tricky situation, because I was there to photograph the proposal but I had never met George and didn't know any of his friends. We chatted by phone and figured out how best to handle the logistics and I posed as an event photographer until he was ready to propose. I had a lot of fun trying to be incognito and I even managed to steer clear of the colored powder save one person who insisted that I could not leave the festival unscathed. Turns out I don't look half bad with a purple stripe across my cheek. Congratulations, you two!