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Red Star Enduro | Northwest Arkansas Mountain Biking

Today on the blog, we’re sharing a recap of the Red Star Enduro Race. This particular event was held on the beautiful and secluded trails of the Buffalo Headwaters. These are without a doubt, some of the most beautiful and remote trails in the state. As you might imagine, there were some logistical challenges but we overcame them unscathed, minus the loss of a walkie talkie. Enjoy the photos and recap video below. Cheers!

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Eureka Springs Enduro | Northwest Arkansas Videography

The summer is heating up and it’s not just because of that dank Arkansas humidity. The Arkansas Enduro Series is in full swing and we were at the first race of the season, capturing content. First up on the blog is a short video recap of the race. Enjoy.

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...and then, there were two | Northwest Arkansas Photography Studio

Change is inevitable. Sometimes, it’s quick and abrupt. And other times, you start to feel the slow pull and growing tension of the current circumstances and you start wondering what to do about it. The latter has been my experience over the last couple of years…

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Red Barn Studio Live Sessions | Iron & Wine

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate once again with the crew from Red Barn Studio Live Sessions. The lineup during this year's Fayetteville Roots Festival featured a unique mix of music styles and personalities. The first video from the series was released today and features Iron and Wine. Give it a watch or a listen or preferably, both. Long live singer/songwriter rock and roll. 

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