NWAFB | Northwest Arkansas Videography

We are pleased to showcase our first video project here on the blog. This video represents a direction we are heading in terms of exploring a new creative medium. For us, the addition of video is a natural progression in our ongoing efforts to become more capable visual story tellers and we feel it will compliment our still photography work for our commercial and non-profit clients. This first project was challenging but a lot of fun to work on. One of our favorite designers once said, "My favorite projects are the one's where I don't know what the (insert naughty word) I'm doing." And although that wasn't entirely true with us and this project, it definitely felt like that at times. But the result was effective and the experience, overall positive. So we're going to keep at it. A big many thanks to Josh Graber for letting us use his music, Mark Hansen for providing the voice over, Saatchi X for writing the script and The Northwest Arkansas Food Bank for allowing us to produce this video.