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Playing with Food | Northwest Arkansas Food Photography

Food and beverage photography is quickly becoming one of my favorite jobs to work on. Part of this newfound love lies in the fact that I…

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This time last year... | Northwest Arkansas Photographer

It's been a busy start to the year, much busier than this time last year. This time last year, I couldn’t have handled it. Professionally and personally, I was drained. So drained in fact, that I started 2017 by taking a sort of sabbatical. Owning AND operating a business is hard. And this whole balancing life and work thing is a learning process that is ongoing and ever-changing. In this season of life, I have been lax in my blogging endeavors. I hope to remedy that in the coming weeks, as I’ve got some fun things to say and some cool work to share. In the meantime, I thought I would share a very quick update on where I'm at a year later and how taking a sabbatical has changed my work life. 

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Throwback Thursday / This Old Building

As I was driving through a town recently, I was struck by this building with no roof. I promptly stopped and parked. As I walked around the premises quietly surveying the remains, I realized that what it lacked in functionality it more than made up for in personality and character. As best I can tell, it was an old automotive store/shop. I'm not sure what happened to the roof, or portions of the actual building. But I can tell you that I felt right at home there. 

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Throwback Thursday / Go Outside

In lieu of being on the road all week, I'm sharing an image of the Buffalo River Valley from a few years back. I remember this day perfect, as I was alone and hiking through the woods on a cold, cloudy, and rather damp morning. Sometimes, those "less than perfect" conditions are in fact, the most conducive to a thought-provoking, inspiring and altogether, perfect day to be outside. Cheers to the weather in all seasons and to being outside regardless of it.

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