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Recent Edibles | Northwest Arkansas Food Photography

Food photography is one of those seemingly simple processes that in reality, couldn’t be more intricate and oftentimes, difficult. Through photographing food, I have come to appreciate not only the art of making and cooking food, but also the art of making food look picture perfect on camera. Today’s blog post is from a couple of recent food shoots I worked on. One was for Ella’s Table, the delicious restaurant housed in Carnall Hall on the University of Arkansas campus. The other shoot was for the recipe section of a popular website. Both shoots involved deliciously presented food, one by the chef from Ella’s Table and the other, by my favorite food stylist Ashley Henderson. Happy Monday everyone.

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Playing with Food | Northwest Arkansas Food Photography

Food and beverage photography is quickly becoming one of my favorite jobs to work on. Part of this newfound love lies in the fact that I…

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Triscuits! | Northwest Arkansas Commercial Photography

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with some talented folks who turned turned ordinary triscuits into delicious (yes, I’m speaking from experience) hors d'oeuvres. The resulting images and recipes will be appearing very soon on in-store signage in Walmart and Sam’s Club Stores across the country. Getcha some!

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