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Happy 2017, I'm on Sabbatical

After incredibly busy Spring, Summer and Fall seasons of work and life, I am starting 2017 by taking a self-imposed "Creative Sabbatical." This simply means that for the first 2 months of the year, I will be accepting work on a limited basis with the intention of using the rest of my time to decompress, recharge, learn some things and rework some aspects of Novo Studio. I will also be taking more time to focus on creating personal photographs. (Translation... more driving, exploring and trespassing). I will be posting a few updates here on the blog and on social media. As for my personal work, you can feel free to follow along on my website, on my Flickr page and on my Instagram page. Cheers to a New Year, see you soon. 

Philip Thomas // Novo Studio


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The Bosco Farewell

It was a rough week last week as I said goodbye to my beloved Bulldog, Bosco (otherwise known as "THE Bosco"). For the last 6+ years, he's been a staple in the house (and sometimes, the studio). His loyalty, his loving demeanor and his commitment to snoring as loudly as he could has greatly enriched my life. If I've learned anything about him over the years, it's that...

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Lately { In Images }

For the past 2 weeks, I've been traveling around Arkansas and into Oklahoma for a big commercial photography shoot. I've been shooting a lot and hardly spending any time on the computer whatsoever. So today, I pulled some images from my recent travels to share here on the blog. Happy Weekend!

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