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Making Art out of an Art Museum | The Philbrook Museum of Art

Growing up in Tulsa, my home was about 5 minutes from the Philbrook Museum of Art. I remember taking art classes there as a child but as I got older and busier, I sort of forgot about the place. Last weekend, I went back for the first time in awhile. The place has changed a great deal and yet, it was somehow still familiar. I enjoyed perusing the collections and of course, I decided to try and make some art of my own. All images made with an iPhone 5s. Enjoy.  

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2013 // A Year In Images | Northwest Arkansas Photography

If I had to pick one word to sum up the year, I don't know what it would be. I suppose you can't pick just one word to sum up anything. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  And this blog post, with it's "20+" images would mathematically be more words than I would care to list out here. But hopefully, these images in some small way, begin to describe how much fun we've had being creative in 2013 (and quite possibly, late 2012). We're truly thankful for this last year and we're very excited for the next. Onward and Enjoy. 

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Making Art Out of an Art Museum | Tate Modern

While in London, we had the opportunity to visit the Tate Modern. This snazzy art museum is housed in an unassuming older looking structure. Inside however, is anything but. Modern lines, high ceilings, lots of glass and bright colors transform the space into the "modern" part of it's name. There's a lot of amazing art in this museum and of course, we thought it would be nice to make some of our own. Enjoy. 

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Making Art Out of an Art Museum | Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

It's always fun to create images using the architecture of an art museum. And as long as you're not using flash and aiming your camera at every single piece of art, the museum workers typically don't mind you taking pictures at all. Awhile back, we posted images we created from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and this past weekend while in Kansas City, we did the same thing with the Nelnson-Atkins Museum of Art. Here's a few of the resulting images. Happy Monday.

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