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Red Barn Studio Live Sessions | 2015 Fayetteville Roots Festival

Part of my sabbatical plan is to update my website. And while working through some of these changes, it has come to my attention that there are some "unpublished drafts" in my blog. Of course the only logical thing to do is publish them. So, here goes. Fayetteville Roots Festival, circa 2015. Enjoy. 

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Red Barn Studio Live Sessions | Trees & Houses

Today, I'm excited to share another feature from Red Barn Studio Live Sessions. We recently filmed a live performance by Trees & Houses. What is especially unique about this live session is that...

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Palmer Lee | Nashville Tennessee Music Photography

She's a singer/songwriter and she's pretty darn good at both of those. She's about to graduate from Belmont University and head out into the world of singing, writing and performing. And she's also wrapping up her debut album, which she describes as indy/country/folk. Her name is Palmer Lee and she's from right here in Rogers, Arkansas. You may have seen her on the blog beforeperforming live or posing with her duo counterpart. This time, the images are all her. Here's a few of my favorites. Enjoy. 

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Life in Limbo | A Day in Images

As many of you know, we are currently living a life-in-limbo. For the past few weeks, we have called Fort Smith Arkansas and the Mercy Hospital here, home. We've slept on hospital cots, hospital beds, a few different hotel beds and finally, a more permanent (and comfortable) bed at the Candlewood Suites. Our hotel is about a 2 minute drive from the hospital where our kiddos are currently living. We have settled into a bit of a daily routine and today by way of images, we thought it appropriate to walk you through a typical day and also, give you an update. Off we go. 

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