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Nick & Jessica | Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography

Nick & Jessica's Wedding was a memorable for a number of reasons. The first reason that comes to mind is how many shirts I sweated through on their wedding day. (4, which is a new record for me.) Combine that with the location for their wedding...a beautiful home in South Fayetteville, designed by an understudy of local architect, Fay Jones and the fact that they left their wedding reception on a jet plane and you have a pretty memorable day. 

But the biggest reason weddings continue to be memorable for me is because of the people I get to work with. And Nick and Jessica are two of the kindest, most adventurous souls my 12 years of working in this industry and have led me to celebrate with. Congratulations and Best Wishes, you two....thanks for having me. 

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Troy & Marian | Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography

I hung out with Troy and Marian all day and I honestly loved every minute I spent with them. They are thoughtful, genuine and madly in love with each other. Plus, they do some pretty awesome serious faces. (See above photograph for example). Thanks for allowing me to photograph your celebration you two, it was an honor. Enjoy this (rather lengthy) sneak peek of images. 


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Paxton & Laura | Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Paxton and Laura who were married recently on a beautiful Saturday that also happened to be Cinco De Mayo. In accordance with the holiday, there was a Sombrero and a couple of fake mustaches on hand and the photographers (Thanks to my good friend Jared Sorrells for spending the day with me) as well as the groomsmen put them to good use during picture time. The weather was nice and the family and friends were even nicer and it was in fact, one of my favorite weddings ever. 

But this was without a doubt, the hardest wedding I've ever been a part of as well…

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Ben & Julia | Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography

Even with the the rain, Ben and Julie's Wedding was a beautiful start to the year. Congratulations and Best Wishes, you two. Thanks for having me be a part of your beautiful celebration!

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