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Cycling Illustrated + OZ Trails | Northwest Arkansas Lifestyle Photography

I recently had the opportunity to work on a project for Cycling Illustrated Magazine, OZ Trails NWA and Laneshift Mobility.  The project features legendary mountain bike racer Brian Lopes and his first trip to the area. I had the honor and privilege of spending a couple days with Him, along with Andre Pepin of Ellsworth Bikes and locals Clayton Woodruff of Progressive Trail Designs and Dustin Slaughter of Slaughter Trail Guides. It was a unique opportunity for me to not only witness first-hand some of the best mountain biking I've ever seen, but also to create images of it. Many many thanks to everyone for letting me be a part of the adventure. Enjoy the images and the link to the video. Cheers!

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Novo Studio Video Short | Northwest Arkansas Photography

For years, I've had the idea in my head to make a video for Novo Studio. The idea for the video was inspired by a voicemail message I created years ago that, in my mind, accurately describes why I would not be answering my phone. And to have a video that started from the voicemail message and then, journeyed into my life as a photographer and as a person seemed to make sense. Plus, I could put some music to it and avoid the awkward challenge of talking about myself and my business. 

But of course, life happened and with an incredibly busy season and twins, my idea remained an idea until I decided to take a creative sabbatical. When writing out my sabbatical bucket list, the creation of this video went right to the top and with the help of my dear friends and creative colleagues and my wife, I am happy to (FINALLY) share this video with you. Many thanks to Bryan Fittin, Jason Miller, Murray Williams and Kristen Thomas for making this whole thing possible. Enjoy. 

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IMBA World Summit 2016 | Northwest Arkansas Photography

Christmas for me came early this year, in the form of a Media Pass from Bike Arkansas Magazine, for the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) World Summit. Bentonville played host to the biennial event which can best be summed up as...

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Dig Clothing Company | Northwest Arkansas Lifestyle Photography

Anyone who hasn't been living under a large amount of Arkansas bedrock over the last few years will tell you that the sport of mountain biking is literally taking off in our little corner of the state. And in case you've ever been riding the trails and wondered to yourself...

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